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About the Book

To the outside world, Claudia Stevenson has the perfect life: a fulfilling marriage, two gorgeous children and a successful career. But behind closed doors she is living her own secret nightmare. A verbally abusive relationship has left her with more questions than answers, more self-doubt than self love. An unintended love triangle threatens to destroy her world as she knows it.

An unexpected turn of events leads her on a path where she will watch her life turn on its head in a tragic twist of circumstances that will leave you breathless and gasping for more.

Based on a true story, Four in the Morning is a story of love, tragedy, forgiveness and redemption. It a powerful personal documentation of unshared truths, dedicated to a family whose lives were left shattered in the aftermath of events that will never be fully understood.


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  1. Willem de Kock Willem de Kock

    Sound very much like Leonard Cohen! xxx

  2. fourinthemorningbook fourinthemorningbook

    Awesome Carol :-) There are quite a few chapters up already and you can click through to them from the top of the web site! Enjoy!

  3. Carol Pepper Carol Pepper

    Sounds fantastic! can’t wait to read it all.

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